• WTM Srl

    W.T.M. Srl was founded in 1993 and manufactures complete lines for the production and insulation of electrical conductors and special machines for the wire and cable industry. Working in the wire and cable sector for more than twenty years WTM has become the point of reference for cable manufactures all over the world as specialist in designing developing and

  • Machine Vision Cameras

    Reliable image transfer at high bandwidth is further improved with Myricom bundles and packet resend feature. Oryx’s 10GBASE T interface is a proven and widely deployed standard that provides reliable image transfer at cable lengths over 50 meters on inexpensive CAT6A and up to 30 meters on CAT5e.

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    Understanding Shielded Cable

    shielding performance. 5. Ground the cable at one end. This eliminates the potential for noise inducing ground loops. A shielded system is only as good as its weakest component. A high quality cable is defeated by a low quality connector. Similarly a great connector can’t do anything to improve a poor cable. GLOBAL HEADQUARTERS 711

  • 5 Best Wire Stripping Machines Reviews of 2021

    Dec 02 2021  The StripMeister WSM001 Automatic Wire Stripping Machine is an industrial grade wire stripping machine that helps take away the tedious work of stripping wires by hand. This wire stripper works by allowing you to connect a drill to it in order to operate it rather than requiring a hand crank for manual operation.

  • Should You Use the Balanced Power Saver or High

    Jul 04 2017  If you’d like to use the most aggressive and high performance options when on battery power switching to High Performance mode might help a little. But even this usually won’t be noticeable. On Windows 7 and 8 left clicking the battery icon brings up a menu that allows you to choose between the Balanced and Power Saver modes.

  • Tools

    This professional dust extractor has a high performance motor and turbine which creates 250 mbar vacuum and 4 500 l/min air flow. The AutoStart function increases the lifetime of the motor and reduces noise. Flat top with space for storage and large wheels for better maneuverability. Auto filter cleaning for convenience and consistent performance.

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    Measurement instruments for assessing the performance of

    performance of professional learning communities Tools Cynthia L. Blitz. Rebecca Schulman. Center for Effective School Practices Rutgers University. This tool compiles 49 instruments for measuring key performance indicators of professional learning communities for teachers. It is intended as a resource for

  • BMW Performance Driving Program

    The Basics of Performance. This is M 101designed to help you learn the limits of BMW M Cars while exploring your own. To owners of recently purchased M carswelcome to the family let s get you up to speed. View M Driver s Agenda

  • 25mm High Performance Industry Level Professional Drill 12

    25mm High Performance Industry Level Professional Drill 12 Speeds Machine Tools Find Details about Drill Press Drilling Machine from 25mm High Performance Industry Level Professional Drill 12 Speeds Machine ToolsYangzhou Xinhe Machinery Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

  • ntp

    The HAL on a typical Windows machine defaults to configuring the real time clock to fire every 15.6 milliseconds or about 64 times a second. However you can still crank the RTC down to 1ms and you can also subdivide that 15.6 millisecond time slice via software into even smaller slices for high performance applications.


    Super Quad 12/4 CL2FT4 The first CL rated cable specifically designed for today s demanding high performance speaker systems. Four 12 gauge conductors of OFC copper with advanced polypropylene insulation CL 2 rated. Power and control for maximum performance even over long lengths. Product of the Year 2003CE Pro magazine.

  • Rust Oleum Professional 1 gal

    Dec 18 2020  1 gal. High Performance Protective Enamel Gloss Aluminum Oil Based Interior/Exterior Paint Rust Oleum Professional High Performance Rust Oleum Professional High Performance Enamels provide superior coverage hiding and corrosion protection. They can be applied to metal wood concrete and masonry.

  • Parts Services

    Rely on the experts When it comes to your Massey Ferguson machine the genuine choice for parts and service is the only choice. And with such an extensive range of quality products and services available from your Massey Ferguson dealer there’s no reason to not keep it genuine

  • Double Sided Tape

    A double sided tape has pressure sensitive adhesive on both sides to bond parts together without visible fasteners. Heavy duty double stick tape bond lines can be as thin as a fraction of a millimeter up to a thick foam that helps damp vibrations. The 3M adhesives used can range from low tack for repositioning up to structural bonding strengths used to hold architectural panels

  • Cable Tie Guns And Zip Tie Tension Tools

    Cable tie guns or zip tie tension tools are a necessary tool for every electrician or handyman that uses hundreds or thousands of zip ties and does not want their finger tips to ache at the end of the day from pulling all the zip ties tight manually. Not only do cable tie guns save your hands but they also speed up your job and ensure that the zip ties are properly tightened and that the

  • PBT Fencing Professional fencing sport equipment made in

    PBT Fencing Professional fencing sport equipment made in Hungary since 1991. We provide full range of fencing sport gear from beginner to champion from children to adult with international quality standards FIE and CE . We offer high performance and safe fencing equipment weapons masks clothing bags installations and other apparels

  • Cable Cable Assemblies

    We offer an extensive collection of high performance wires high speed data cables microwave/RF assemblies and protective cable jackets for many applications from the cockpit to the tail. They ensure power is distributed signals are sent and data is transmitted quickly with low loss for the duration of your system.

  • Worldwide Leading Adhesive Tape Manufacturing Company

    High Performance Bonding. tesa ACX plus is a high performing acrylic core tape for permanent interior and exterior bonding and mounting applications. The high bond tape offers you new dimensions for aesthetical pleasant secure fast and constructive bonds. Due to their high and long lasting adhesive strength double sided tapes allow

  • Professional Kohler Engine Rebuilding Buildups and

    Jul 22 2021  Professional Kohler Engine Rebuilding Buildups and Modifications Inspiring Small Engine Lawn Garden and Garden Tractor Pulling Enthusiasts Since 1996. Where Science and Common Sense Come Together for Safety and Improved Engine/Tractor Performance A 1 Miller s Performance EnterprisesParts Services Online Catalog

  • High performance insulation testers from the originators

    The first DC portable insulation tester was developed in 1889 by our founders Sydney Evershed and Ernest Vignoles and by 1903 was being sold as a Megger insulation tester. The insulation resistance test a.k.a. the Megger test is as relevant as ever and in many applications is preferred to other insulation test methods.

  • JEM ZR45

    Jan 04 2022  The JEM ZR45 is a high end fog machine designed to deliver superior and uninterrupted performance in demanding professional applications. Via its enhanced and powerful 2 000 W heat exchanger the JEM ZR45 produces an exceptional peak output ideal for major venues and stages in both install and rental markets.The rugged yet weight optimized

  • 3M Scotchcal Striping Tapes Single Stripe One Color

    3M Scotchcal High Performance Striping Tapes create professional grade accents and designs that enhance the appearance of vehicles. Made with a long lasting vinyl backing our tapes come with peel and stick adhesives that allows for quick and simple installation. Our striping tapes are long lasting adhere reliably and resist fading over time.

  • Step by Step Guide to Fiber Optic Cable Splicing for

    Apr 28 2021  Then as with mechanical splicing strip the protective polymer coating around the optical fiber using a mechanical fiber stripper until you reach the bare fiber cores. Don’t forget to clean your stripping tools before you start the process. Step #2 Clean and cleave the fibers. Using 99.9 isopropyl alcohol IPA wipe clean the bare fiber.

  • 12 Gallon Wet/Dry Vac

    12 Gallon Wet/Dry Vac. This newly designed RIDGID 12 Gallon High Performance Wet/Dry Vac is designed for Pro’s and DIY’ers who want a traditionally styled medium sized vac that delivers the powerful performance and rugged durability required for job site clean up. Its 5.0 peak HP motor delivers the suction power necessary to handle tough

  • Battery Terminals Cables

    JEGS offers a wide battery terminal kit and cable selection from top manufacturers such as Allstar Performance Moroso Painless Performance Products JEGS and more. Each battery terminal and cable is made from high quality components and assembly so you can get the electrical performance you want at a price you can afford with the assurance

  • Sizing and Performance benchmark testing

    Aug 14 2020  Introduction In this article we will take a look at Azure Virtual Machine benchmarks to better understand which Virtual Machines are better suited to deploy with Windows Virtual Desktop. One of the most common question s I m regularly asked is How do I get the most value for money /£ in terms of performance and

  • Das Keyboard 4 Professional Mechanical Keyboard

    Its high performance gold plated switches provide the best contact and typing experience because unlike other metals gold does not rust increasing the lifespan of the switch. The Das Keyboard 4 Professional mechanical keyboard is available in both the Cherry MX brown and Cherry MX blue switches. Force diagram soft Brown

  • Rust Oleum Professional 27 in Field And Pavement Spray

    Rust Oleum Professional 27 in Field And Pavement Spray Paint Marking Wand. Item #274510 Model #. Rust Oleum High Performance Striping Machine applies sharp crisp lines from 2 4 inches wide to a variety of terrains including parking lots roads paths and more.


    LS Swap tuning. Startup tune 200 HPT credits This is only for a start up tune. It is RPM and speed limited. This is only for start up NOT DRIVING If customer returns within 90 days of dated invoice the startup tune price will be deducted from the full tune price Street tune 450 HPT credits. Dyno tune 750 HPT credits.

  • Competition Products

    Competition Products provides high performance engine parts tools and accessories for the engine enthusiast. Camshafts crankshafts blocks engines pistons

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    Floor Pad Selection Guide.

    3M High Productivity Floor Pad The most aggressive stripping pad from 3M. Ideal open construction that resists loading and clogging. Used for fast removal of floor finish and heavy dirt e.g. concrete with proven consistent stripping. 3MTM Scotch Brite TM Surface Preparation 3M Floor Pad Premium floor stripping pad that strips and prepares a

  • Best Speaker Wire In 2022 Audiophiles Picks

    Dec 27 2021  The AmazonBasics 100ft 16 gauge cable is the best value you’ll find for a 100ft cable. The plastic jacket around this wire provides good insulation and one side is marked with a white line to easily distinguish polarity for proper setups. The performance is nothing to write home about but it gets the job done.

  • Aftermarket differentials

    With more than 100 years in the vehicle business we provide quality that is unmatched in the performance aftermarket. Every Eaton product is tested and validated in our fully equipped labs and 650 plus acre proving grounds. Join the ranks of professional racers custom car builders and restoration experts who choose Eaton Performance

  • Speaker Cable

    Speaker Cable Belden offers quality Speaker Cables that are suitable for commercial and professional installations so you can reliably connect speakers to receivers or power amplifiers. Available options include plenum indoor/outdoor halogen free direct burial and Class 1

  • Commercial Floor Care Equipment

    PF99 Commercial Upright Vacuum. Recommended For The PF99 Upright Vacuum is perfect for commercial cleaners who need a long lasting upright vacuum that will stand up to the rigors of daily use. The belt and metal brush roll can be changed in minutes without the need for tools allowing any frontline employee to maintain the equipment and keep it